Top Five Reasons To Make Milford Your New Home!

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By Dean Frank & Tim Zimmerman


The small town of Milford Ohio is a very popular choice for Cincinnati buyers when they are ready to move out into the suburbs.  Here are the top five reasons people are choosing to buy in Milford.


5)  The local economy is strong and stable.  The median income for over 12,000 households is a very comfortable  $59,884.00.  The area supports many small businesses and some light industrial without putting all of the local economy into one company basket.  


4)  Milford is a safe place to live, with a crime rate that is 48% lower than the national average.  Our clients are always happy for the  sense of security that choosing a  small town lifestyle affords.  Compare stats with other zip codes.


3)  Milford is located on forested hills of the  Little Miami river valley, so our neighborhoods and  streetscapes have trees, lush lawns and beautiful rolling hills. As a bonus downtown Milford has an idyllic collection of late 19th century shops and restaurants, that you won’t find that in many other suburban towns.  It would make a good movie set.


2)  The school district for Milford has 6699 students and overall it has a 4 star rating with a student to teacher ratio of  17 students to one teacher.    Since we all want our kids to get the attention that they need to succeed,  your children should go to a school where they could get proportionally 6% of a teacher’s time.  


1)  Milford has a very diverse housing market.  No matter what your wants and needs,  there is a housing opportunity at prices that are very competitive with other similar communities in the Cincinnati Metro Area.  Compare below:

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Luxury Milford Homes

4 Bedroom Milford Homes

Milford Condo Homes

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